2018 Fall Tournament DRAWS

We look forward to seeing you this weekend (Sept. 15 and 16) at Northwestern University’s Vandy Christie Tennis Center (2310 Sheridan Road) in Evanston!

This Saturday’s round-robin matches will be 8-game pro-sets, no ad. If you make it to the finals, your match will take place this Sunday. Sunday’s matches will be 2 out of 3 sets, no ad. The full rules of play and procedure for both days will be posted onsite.

Questions? Email debbiecassell@yahoo.com. For additional information about match rules, dispute resolution, and defaults, click here.

Below is the full schedule for Saturday. (Please note that round-robin groupings were chosen by lottery, not by seeding.)
Please check in 15 minutes before your match starts.

Men’s Open Singles
Postel vs. Simonetti–9 a.m.
Schamisso vs. Khan–9 a.m.
Hoelzle vs. Graft–9 a.m.

Postel vs. Godo–10 a.m.
Schamisso vs.  Hoelzle–10 a.m.
Khan vs. Graft–10 a.m.

Godo vs. Simonetti–11 a.m.
Schamisso vs. Graft–11 a.m.
Hoelzle vs. Khan–11 a.m.

Men’s 3.5 Singles
Hodgman vs. Rykhus–9 a.m.
de Alcala vs. Frischer–9 a.m.
Kuo vs. McMahon–9 a.m.
Cariani vs. Anderson–9 a.m.

Hodgman vs. de Alcala–10 a.m.
Rykhus vs. Frischer–10 a.m.
Kuo vs. Cariani–10 a.m.
McMahon vs. Anderson–10 a.m.

Hodgman vs. Frischer–11 a.m.
de Alcala vs. Rykhus–11 a.m.
Kuo vs. Anderson–11 a.m.
Cariani vs. McMahon–11 a.m.

Men’s Open Doubles
Brown-Schamisso vs. Milligan-Postel–noon
Brown-Schamisso vs. Graft-Hoelzle–1 p.m.
Milligan-Postel vs. Graft-Hoelzle–2 p.m.

Men’s 3.5 Doubles
Boyer-Fenn vs. Rattner-Sood–noon
Khan-Kuo vs. de Alcala-Lookis–noon

Boyer-Fenn vs. Cariani-Cowen–1 p.m.
Khan-Kuo vs. Frischer-O’Brien–1 p.m.

Rattner-Sood vs. Cariani-Cowen–2 p.m.
de Alcala-Lookis vs. Frischer-O’Brien–2 p.m.

Women’s 3.5 Singles
Lee vs Boeing–noon
Varcheva vs. Kravtsov–noon
Fijol vs. Collins–noon

Lee vs. Smith–1 p.m.
Varcheva vs. Fijol–1 p.m.
Kravtsov vs. Collins–1 p.m.

Boeing vs. Smith–2 p.m.
Varcheva vs. Collins–2 pm.
Fijol vs. Kravtsov–2 p.m.

Mixed Doubles
Kaplan-Milligan vs. McMahon-West–3 p.m.
Paterakos-Seeger vs. Lee-Robinson–3 p.m.
Melean-Pappas vs. Crisham-Simonetti–3 p.m.
Ainsworth-Marberry vs. Boeing-Godo–3 p.m.

Kaplan-Milligan vs. Fijol-Veneziano–4 p.m.
Paterakos-Seeger vs. Nacher-Tejano–4 p.m.
Melean-Pappas vs. Ainsworth-Marberry–4 p.m.
Crisham-Simonetti vs. Boeing-Godo–4 p.m.

McMahon-West vs. Fijol-Veneziano–5 p.m.
Lee-Robinson vs. Nacher-Tejano–5 p.m.
Melean-Pappas vs. Boeing-Godo–5 p.m.
Ainsworth-Marberry vs. Crisham-Simonetti–5 p.m.