ECTA Tournament Match Rules

Match Rules: ITF rules of tennis govern all tournament matches. Comments in USTA’s “Friend at Court” also are applicable. The Code for unofficiated matches governs all tournament matches except those played with chair umpires. The ITF rules and the Code are in “Friend at Court” on the USTA website at; click on Tennis Rules & Regulations in the middle of the page.

Dispute Resolution: Any dispute should be settled by the players in accordance with the tournament’s Match Rules or by directing an inquiry promptly to the Tournament Referee(s).

Defaults: Any entrant may be defaulted for the following: failure to appear for a scheduled match; inability to complete a match in progress due to injury, illness, or personal emergency; failure to maintain the tournament schedule, including scheduled semi-final or championship matches; and any other grounds specified under the tournament’s Match Rules. The Tournament Director has discretion to default a single player/team or both players/teams whose match is not completed by the deadline. All potential default situations must be ruled on by Tournament Director before they are effective.