Location Change: 2024 Fourth of July Tournament

Wooden Bent Park signageDue to poor court conditions at Ackerman Park, we have made the difficult decision to relocate this year’s event to nearby Bent Park (2524 Cowper Avenue), further west on Central Street. The Bent Park courts were resurfaced last year and are in excellent condition; overhead trees also provide some shade and relief from the heat, unlike Ackerman.

The Bent Park tennis courts can be found at the corner of Central and Hastings, which is where the Evanston Fourth of July Parade begins, so there will be a lot of activity going on there (not unlike what you are already used to on this holiday)–this also means plenty of opportunity for new spectators!

Please let your fellow players, family, and friends know about this change of venue. We encourage everyone to bring lawn chairs, as there are no bleachers at Bent and limited permanent seating in the form of benches on the west side of the courts. Chairs will be provided for players on the courts as well as for umpires. 

Please note that there is no parking next to the courts (on Central, Cowper, or Hastings) leading up to and during the parade–not unlike the situation at Ackerman. Please park south of Central (for example, on Harrison, one block away) and pay attention to no-parking signs, as the city will tow.

We regret this change, but the courts at Ackerman are not safe to play on. We have inquired with the city about getting Ackerman resurfaced before the 2025 Fourth of July Tournament and will follow up with you all on that conversation as well as let you know if additional action is needed from our members to urge the city to budget for said resurfacing.

You can view this year’s tournament draws here. Good luck to our finalists! We hope the rest of you will come out to cheer them on July 4!

Thank you for your understanding.
–ECTA Board of Directors