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Further Information

The ECTA Board welcomes your comments and input to help manage the association. For further information about the ECTA, including minutes from Board meetings or the ECTA Treasurer’s Report, please contact the ECTA Secretary, Richard Bell, at: rsbell@ameritech.net

What Other Benefits Do I Get From Being a Member of ECTA?

League teams get priority status with the City of Evanston for court reservations, which means that captains do not have to be concerned about where they are playing their home matches and do not have to rack up to reserve courts for home matches. Scheduling of the courts is handled by the ECTA Board.

In addition to scheduling and running several social events and tournaments a year, the ECTA is a central resource to help connect players throughout the community, act as an advocate before city and local government and serve as a key information hub for tennis players of all levels and interests

Why Do I Have To Be A Member of The ECTA to Play on a League Team (Shoreline, Park District, etc.)?

The primary reason that league team players need to be members of the ECTA is the issue of liability insurance. Since the ECTA sponsors the league, our association may be legally liable should an accident occur. Insurance that the ECTA carries does not cover non-members

The ECTA also serves as an “agent” for the City of Evanston Parks and Rec. Dept. in managing the scheduling system. The ECTA receives a greatly reduced or “wholesale” price per hour for court reservations which is then passed on through to the various teams.

What Do The Tournament Fees Pay For?

Tournament fees include membership in the ECTA (unless you have already paid your annual dues) and go to pay for court rentals (when applicable) tennis balls, signage, refreshments and other promotional items (T-shirts, bag tags, pens) that are given to tournament participants.

What Do My Membership Dues Pay For?

Annual membership dues help pay for the following:

  1. Administrative costs to schedule, host and run social events and tournaments.
  2. ECTA Website hosting and maintenance expenses.
  3. Maintenance of e-mail database and sending of e-mail notifications.
  4. Liability insurance for all events and tournaments.
  5. Support for the Evanston 4th of July Association, which organizes free community activities and is centerpiece for our biggest annual tournament.
  6. Support for Evanston community youth outreach programs for tennis.
  7. College scholarship program for ETHS Boy’s and Girl’s Tennis Team.