ECTA is an active participant in many leagues. Below you will find excerpted descriptions of those leagues. If you would like to see the full detail, please feel free to either click on the title, or the “…continue to the full article…” link.

We are always interested in hearing about more tennis related events in the area. If you would like to bring something to our attention. please contact a member of our Board either by phone or e-mail. A full list of this contact information can be found on our “Contact Us” page.

The ECTA also serves as an “agent” for the City of Evanston Parks and Rec. Dept. in managing the scheduling system. The ECTA receives a greatly reduced or “wholesale” price per hour for court reservations which is then passed on through to the various teams.

Our Shoreline League Teams

ECTA sponsors several Evanston teams in the Shoreline league. Matches are played once a week in Evanston and other North Shore communities. Women’s matches are played on Wednesdays or Thursdays, depending on division level, and men’s matches are played on Saturdays. Individuals must be ECTA members in order to participate in the Shoreline League.

ECTA sponsors Men’s and Women’s teams in the CPDTA league

Women’s matches are played on Saturdays and men’s matches on Sundays. Teams in the CPDTA League represent Evanston and various parks in the City of Chicago.