Fourth of July Tournament RULES AND REGULATIONS

ENTRY DEADLINE: Receipt by Thursday, June 1
DRAW POSTED: Saturday, June 3
EARLY ROUNDS of PLAY: Week of June 4 onward
FINALS: Tuesday, July 4

This is an open tournament. However, all participants must be members of ECTA. Joining ECTA is automatic upon submitting a paid entry that includes applicable dues.
Further information about the association and the tournament can be found at Players may enter up to THREE (3) events, including two doubles events. A full list of the events is on the entry form. A few Rules related to those events are highlighted here.
Community Tennis Events: The century doubles, 40 and 60 singles and doubles, mixed doubles, women’s doubles and intermediate brackets are designated as Community Tennis Events. In order to promote a more enjoyable and competitive tournament experience for each entrant, Pros will not be allowed entry into community tennis events.
Community/Intermediate Level Events: These events are intended to provide players of moderate ability the opportunity to compete against their peers rather than in the open events. Generally, players with NTRP ratings higher than 3.5 or similar abilities are ineligible. Intermediate events are limited to players at the C level of the Shoreline and Chicago Park District leagues. The definition of a 3.5 player can be found on the USTA web site at We do not encourage playing down, it will not be fun for anyone. Some brackets are age sensitive. Your age in this tournament is determined as the highest age you are or will be at any time this year.

Be sure to register Online at the ECTA website “General E-Mail List” for our messages if you have not already done so. This can be found at the bottom of each web page at E-mail will be the primary form of communication with you on all tournament matters.

All registrations will be made on-line. (Call a Tournament Director if this is a problem). You can register directly at: Each entrant must submit a completed official Entry Form. Doubles partners must EACH submit a completed form with entry fee.

Tournament Entry Fee is $25.00 for each player, which covers up to 3 events, provided you have paid your yearly ECTA membership. If you have not yet paid your 2017 membership dues of $25.00, please make full payment of $50.00.

Payment may be made thru PayPal or by Check. If you elect PayPal, click on the PayPal link at the bottom of the official Entry form and complete your payment. If you prefer personal check, make it payable to Evanston Community Tennis Association and deliver to: ECTA Treasurer, 1313 Cleveland Street, Evanston, IL 60202.

DRAWS: The Tournament Director will post the draws shortly after the deadline for entries, typically within 2 to 3 days. The Tournament Director reserves the right to reassign entries in all brackets in order to allow for a good tennis experience and reserves the right to cancel or combine events with insufficient entrants. (If cancellation leaves an entrant without any event in the tournament, that entrant’s fee will be refunded.)
Please Note that all final communications and information will be posted on the ECTA website and/or through our e-mail contact. Please inquire with the Tournament Director FIRST with any questions.

Matches throughout June will be largely self-arranged, with deadlines for completion determined by draw size. Draw Monitors will help supervise the schedule.
Entrants may be defaulted for failure to play by the deadline. To protect yourself against default, immediately advise the Tournament Director of the reason you will be unable to keep to the schedule.

Each match is decided by 2 out of 3 sets. If match is even at one set apiece, then third set will be determined by the USTA 10 point match tiebreaker, sometimes referred to as a super tiebreaker. Each singles player or doubles team must bring a can of new USTA-approved tennis balls to each match. The winner of the match will keep the unopened can.

ITF rules of tennis govern all matches. Comments in USTA’s “Friend at Court” also are applicable. The Code for unofficiated matches governs all matches except those played with chair umpires. The ITF rules and the Code are in “Friend at Court” on the USTA website at

Any dispute should be settled by the players in accordance with the tournament’s Match Rules or by directing an inquiry promptly to the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director shall have the final decision making authority over any dispute arising during tournament play.

Any player may be defaulted for a failure to appear for a scheduled match; inability to complete a match in progress due to injury, illness, or personal emergency; a failure to maintain the tournament schedule, including scheduled semi-final or championship matches; and any other grounds specified under the tournament’s Match Rules. The Tournament Director has discretion to default a single player/team or both players/team(s) whose match is not completed by the deadline. Any potential default must be ruled on by the Tournament Director before it is effective.

The winner of each match is responsible for promptly reporting the result to the Tournament Director.

Match results will be posted regularly on the ECTA website.

Most Championship matches will be played at Ackerman Park (as indicated by “ACK” on the draw sheets) on July 4. Participants must be available to play on the Fourth of July unless the match is played at a self-arranged time with the consent of the Tournament Director. The Referee, with the advice of the Tournament Committee, will schedule the specific times of all championship matches. The schedules will be posted on the Internet several days before the play dates.

George Nelson: 847-287-7023 (c)
Tournament Referee:

Richard Bell, 847-475-5095,