SAVE THE DATE for the 2021 Fall Tournament

Save the date for the ECTA’s 2021 Fall Tournament, our last outdoor event of the year, to be held Sept. 25 (early rounds) and Sept. 26 (finals only, as needed) at Northwestern’s Vandy Christie Tennis Center (2310 Sheridan Road) in Evanston. Both singles and doubles categories will be offered. Stay tuned for further details!

2021 Evanston Third of July Tournament Results

The ECTA’s first competitive event in over a year was an exciting day for players and spectators alike! Below are the results of the round-robin categories of play. We hope to see everyone again for our Fall Tournament, date to be announced!

Men’s 3.5 Singles
Champion: Donald Chae  (7-6 vs. Clyde Woods and 6-4 vs. Luca Zerega)
Men’s Open Singles
Champion: Rick Aguayo in a 6-1 win over Danny Postel
Men’s 3.5 Doubles
Champions: Chad Anderson / Brent Sevick in a 6-1 win over Phil Magid / Romil Sood
Mens Open Doubles
Champions: Andrew Ginsberg / Conrad Gordon in a 6-4 win over Derrick Milligan / Danny Postel
Mixed Doubles
Champions: Sara Marberry / Joon Sung  (6-0 vs. Jennifer Zientarski/Nick Paterakos and 6-1 vs. Laurie Seward / Bill Seward)


Special shoutout to Tournament Directors Romil Sood and Patrick Brennan!

2021 Evanston Third of July Tournament Draws/Schedule

We are pleased to announce that we received a large number of entries for our upcoming tournament. Player guidelines for the event are below. Draw sheets and match schedules can be found here: 2021 Third of July Tournament Draw Sheets and Match Schedule.

1. Carry to Lovelace Park all the beverage and food you will need. (ECTA will offer only a limited number of bananas and granola bars.)

2. Assignments to round robins and orders of matches were made by lottery; there was no seeding. Print and carefully examine the table attached to this letter and mark your scheduled matches. Arrive at least 10 minutes before your first scheduled match, ready to play, check in at the tournament desk, and confirm your assignment. The desk will give you or your opponent three tennis balls.

3. Go to the court assigned for your match.

4. At the start time, or as soon as the court is open, take the court, greet your opponent, spin for serve, and begin warmup.

5. When the tournament director calls “Time!” at six minutes past the hour, promptly stop warmup and begin competition. Every match is a six-game pro set with no-ad scoring (deciding point at deuce, receiver chooses court) and set tiebreak (first to seven points by two) at six games all. Changeover rest time is 90 seconds maximum, except that there is no rest time at changeover between the first and second games.

6. At completion of the match, promptly pick up the tennis balls, go to the tournament desk, report your results, return the balls, and confirm your assignment for your next match.

7. The round robin in 3.5 Doubles determines a champion. The round robins in Open Singles and Open Doubles are preliminary to matches that determine champions. The round robins in 3.5 Singles and Mixed Doubles are preliminary to round robins that determine champions.

8. USTA rules for lateness govern this tournament. The applicable rules are:

When a player is late in arriving for the player’s scheduled match time and any court is available, the Referee shall start the lateness penalty clock. A player is not deemed to have arrived until the player checks in at the place designated for checking in and is properly clothed, equipped, and ready to play. A team is not deemed to have arrived until both partners have arrived.

a. If one player or team is late: (i) 5 minutes or less, loss of toss plus 1 game, (ii) 5:01 to 10 minutes, loss of toss plus 2 games, (iii) 10:01 to 15 minutes, loss of toss plus 3 games, (iv) more than 15 minutes, default.

b. If both players are equally late up to 15 minutes: no penalty.

c. If both players are more than 15 minutes late: default both players.

d. If both players are late but arrive at different times: on arrival of the first player, the penalty accrues against the second player, who loses the toss and one, two, or three games or is defaulted depending on the time elapsed between the two players’ arrivals.

9. USTA rules for round robins govern this tournament. The applicable rules are:

a.   Procedure for Competition.

Each team in the round robin shall play every other team in the round robin.

b.   Determining order of finish.

The team that wins the largest number of matches is the winner. The team that wins the second-largest number of matches is the runner-up.

If two teams are tied, then the winner of their head-to-head match is the winner.

If three or more teams are tied, the Referee shall use the following steps in the order listed to break all ties. The Referee shall break as many ties as possible using a given step before using the next step. These steps are:

•    The head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving just the tied teams;

•    The team with the highest percentage of games won of all games completed;

•    The head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving the teams who remain tied;

•    The team with the highest percentage of games won of games completed among the teams under consideration; and

•    The head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving the teams who remain tied.

If the Referee has applied all the steps and a tie still cannot be broken, the Referee shall use a random drawing among the remaining tied players to determine the winner.



SAVE THE DATE: 2021 Evanston THIRD of July Tournament

The ECTA is excited to announce that after over a year without hosting any competitive tennis events, we will be offering an Evanston Third of July Tournament*! This will be a one-day tournament, to be held at Lovelace Park on Saturday, July 3, 2021, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Categories of play are below. Registration will be available soon via this website–stay tuned!

Mixed Doubles

Men’s Open Singles

Men’s Open Doubles

Men’s 3.5 (Intermediate) Singles

Men’s 3.5 (Intermediate) Doubles

Women’s Open Singles

Women’s Open Doubles

Women’s 3.5 (Intermediate) Singles

Women’s 3.5 (Intermediate) Doubles

*Due to the pandemic, the City of Evanston announced that it will not be hosting its annual Fourth of July Parade for the second summer in a row, so we decided not to hold our traditional Fourth of July Tournament either, as much of the thrill of playing finals matches in front of a crowd along the parade route would be lost. We look forward to returning to our usual Fourth of July Tournament format, including popular categories such as Century Doubles, in 2022.

New Year 2021

A belated happy new year, everyone. We hope you and your families are well as we approach the one-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, at least here in the U.S. We look forward to seeing you all on the courts someday very soon–stay tuned for information about our next outdoor event, TBD. Until then, we wish you a safe and healthy 2021.

Thinking of You This Holiday Season

Dear ECTA members and past participants,

We hope you and your family members are well.

This time last fall, we were making final preparations for our Thanksgiving Doubles Scramble, which traditionally takes place the Saturday after Turkey Day at Northwestern University’s Combe Tennis Center. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has surged in recent weeks, the Evanston Community Tennis Association is forgoing this popular annual event—as we did our Spring Doubles Round Robin, Fourth of July Tournament, and Fall Tournament. It has been a year like no other for everyone, and we miss hosting these competitive social functions as much as you miss playing in them.

If you are a member of the ECTA who paid dues fewer than 12 months prior to the pandemic, you should have received a communication from us by now regarding the status of your membership. Memberships are being extended for the foreseeable future so that when we finally hold our first tennis event since March 2020, you will be able to participate without renewing. If you have not yet received an email from our membership chair and would like more information, please let me know.

We hope you got the chance to play some tennis outdoors this spring, summer, and fall. And we hope to see you all again on the courts someday soon.

In the meantime, we wish you a safe and healthy holiday.

In kindness,
Debbie Cassell
ECTA President

A Message for ECTA Members and Players

Dear ECTA members and players,

We hope you and your family members are doing well and taking care of yourselves during this challenging time.

Spring may have sprung, but for most tennis enthusiasts, playing is not possible during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This time of year, the ECTA would normally be hosting our annual Spring Doubles Round Robin. But due to stay-at-home orders and recommended social distancing measures, we are unable to hold this popular event.

It also looks like we will be unable to hold our biggest event of the year, the Fourth of July Tournament, since self-arranged early rounds of play for that competition need to start in May in order for the finals to take place on July 4.

We still hope to host our annual Fall Tournament this September.

If you did not see the USTA’s “Statement on the Safety of Playing Tennis During the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic,” you can read it here.

And if you haven’t heard about Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s “We Are Not Playing” ad campaign to stop the coronavirus spread, check it out.

Thank you for your membership and participation in the ECTA. We hope to see you on the courts again very soon.

Debbie Cassell
ECTA President


By now, many of you may have heard about the passing of George Nelson, former Evanston Community Tennis Association president. George was a longtime ECTA board member who ran many events for our organization and had a passion for the sport, competing in local leagues for years. He will be missed.

George’s family will hold a memorial service for him on January 4 at 1 p.m. at Unitarian Church of Evanston—we hope you will join ECTA board members there. Per George’s obituary, in lieu of flowers, donations may be made in his name to Orphans of the Storm.

Following the memorial, the ECTA will host its annual Winter Doubles Scramble. We can think of nothing more fitting than to play tennis on a day dedicated to George.